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Harvest Time In Humboldt

What’s In Store For Fall Produce

By Juan Gagne

Eureka Produce Manager

With the arrival of cooler autumn weather, produce availability changes rapidly.

By October, most summer fruits and melons have gone by the wayside. Typical summer vegetables begin to come from farther and farther away as the weather gets colder.

Enter the apple harvest. Most apples in The US are harvested during the months of September and October. This is the time of year that apples are freshest and many varieties are abundant.Some crops such as broccoli, cauliflower,

celery and lettuce actually need cooler weather to flourish.

October is all about pumpkins. As we have for over the past two decades, ENF will feature local organic pumpkins from Warren Creek Farms near Arcata. We should see our first bins arrive during the second week of October.

Local organic hard winter squash is here now in a big way, with several local farms providing us with many different varieties. Extremely versatile and great for comfort on a cold winter day, winter squash can be stored in a cool dry place for long periods of time. Up to several months! Onions and potatoes are harvested during the fall resulting in more availability and lower prices. Did you know? Onions grown in dry weather are always higher quality and keep much better than those grown during wet weather.

Avocado update: California’s avocado crop is winding down quickly. The 2017 crop was 40% less than 2016-the result? Low supply-high demand. We hope to see some relief from high prices by mid to late October when Mexico’s harvest gets up to speed. Until then we expect prices to continue to rise. In the mean time we will offer only the highest quality California fruit available.

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