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Produce Mid-October Update


Autumn is now upon us. Summer fruits have now sadly faded away.

Apples, pears, persimmons and pomegranates are now arriving along with a full variety of locally grown winter squash and pie pumpkins. The late season grapes have been excellent and should continue through October and beyond, weather permitting.

Surprisingly, prices for broccoli, carrots and cauliflower remain high due to extreme heat in the major growing areas of Central and Southern California. It is a fact that the produce today can be affected by the weather from a month ago or more. The expectation is that with a continuing cooling trend, prices will normalize by late October or early November.

We are already seeing some items such as cucumbers and cherry tomatoes coming from as far away as Sinaloa, Mexico.

Avocado Update:

The bad news: California crop is done early this year due to the crop being 40% less than 2016. We offered California fruit as long as it was available. Even though the price got rather high, the quality was worth it. We will not see new crop California Avos. until mid to late January.

The good news: The quality of the Mexican avocados improves as the harvest progresses and we will see a significant drop in prices with Mexican avos.

Citrus Update: Both grapefruit and valencia orange harvests are wrapping up causing some gaps and price increases. We should see the first navel oranges of the season any day now. We will once again be featuring a variety of citrus from Johansen Ranch in Orland, California. First up will be the wonderful Satsuma mandarins, arriving sometime in November. We have a direct relationship with Johnsen Ranch dating back over the past two decades. This allows us to offer you their extremely high quality fruit at far lower prices than anyone else in this area.

So remember, for the highest quality organically grown produce in this area at fair prices, stop in to one of our stores today!

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