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As winter approaches, varietal citrus becomes abundant.

One of the earliest to ripen, and come to harvest, is the Satsuma Mandarin. These small tangerine type fruit are very popular and our customers do look forward to their arrival every year. They are easy to peel, virtually seedless and kids love them!

Once harvest is up to speed, we buy direct from Johansen Ranch, located in Orland California. We have carried their citrus varieties at ENF for over two decades! We have been in close contact with Rich Johansen recently and here is the latest update.

Picking crews have arrived on site and harvest is now under way! They will begin to ship to both of our stores in early December. Depending on logistics, we will have Johansen Bagged Satsumas arriving either the first or second week of December! This will depend on rate of harvest and shipping arrangements. Since we are able to buy direct we are able offer you premium fruit at a very reasonable price!

Remember, the season is short and is occasionally cut short by bad weather, so when you see them don't hesitate! We will also carry Johansen navel oranges when available!

Produce fact: Mandarins, tangerines and tangelos are all very closely related. They derive their different names mainly due to geography. Both where they originally came from and also where they are sold. In other words, a satsuma in California is a mandarin but on the east coast it might be called a tangerine. Just thought you might like to know!

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