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Winter is Grapefruit Time!

Grapefruit is available year round, however during the winter months the quality is at it’s best.

For over a decade we have featured grapefruit from B & J Ranch located in Thermal California near The Salton Sea. The elevation is 180 feet below sea level and the average temperatures from June through September is well over 100 degrees! This makes for some incredible citrus!

Their farm is about 30 acres in size with 26 acres planted with about 25,000 trees half of which are grapefruit, 3 acres are Valencia Oranges and the remainder are a mix of different varieties of tangerines an tangelos.

B & J Ranch has been in operation for over 50 years. In 1976 Bill Jessup took over the property from his father and converted it to organic production. Bill was very involved in the formation of C.C.O.F. And helped develop organic standards and methods that are in widespread use today.

They pack and ship directly from their own facility. This allows them to provide consistent, delicious high quality fruit.

B & J Ranch has sold their fruit exclusively to Veritable Vegetable since 1977 when V.V. was just starting out as an all women trucking company. Veritable Vegetable delivers to both of our stores twice a week.

Here at ENF we like to carry their larger sized fruit which has a yellow peel with areas of pink and green blush caused by the cold desert nights at harvest time. Cut it open and you’ll find segments of deep pinkish red flesh with sweet juicy flavor and occasional seeds.

Enjoy these wonderful grapefruit now while they are at peak season!

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