• Juan Gagne

Winter Citrus Update

Winter citrus is going strong with many varieties of Mandarins, Tangerines and Tangelos available now. The varieties come and go quickly, so stop in to one of our stores to see what's available today.

Navel oranges have been exceptional this year. The extreme heat in growing regions last summer has produced an abundance of very large delicious fruit. We will have these large navel oranges for as long as we can get them

New crop California Valencia oranges are in stock now. We are very happy to see them back since the Valencias from Mexico this year were very disappointing. The Valencia is the preferred orange for juicing. They are available almost year round however the peak season is late summer and fall.

Rio Red Grapefruit from B & J Ranch near Salton Sea, CA are going strong now. These are some of the best grapefruit of the year, so get them now before their season ends.

Vegetable production in the southern desert regions of California is now strong with very reasonable pricing on many items. This should continue until sometime in the spring when it gets way too hot down there.

Avocado update: New crop California avocados are here now! We have completely transitioned out of the Mexican avos. and will carry California from here on out. Devastating fires this past fall did destroy several avocado orchards, however early reports indicate that we will actually see a larger volume this year than last. Our favorite avocado orchard, Las Palmalitas near Carpinteria, was spared and their new crop has begun to arrive. Remember, new crop avocados do take longer to ripen. We are doing our best to keep up with the demand for ripe avocados!

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