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Spring Produce Update

It’s springtime! The days are getting longer and warmer weather has arrived. With the advent of spring, things begin to change rapidly here in Eureka Natural Foods’ produce departments.

The winter citrus we have been enjoying is fading away, to be replaced by more summery options.

Strawberries and asparagus are the first signs of spring in any produce department. The asparagus we have been featuring has been from Coastal View Organics south of San Francisco and has been stellar. Strawberries suffered some setbacks due to late winter and early spring rains, however production has now gotten back on track with high quality berries expected throughout the month of May and beyond. We will have plenty for Mother’s Day!

Melons are just beginning to arrive with the first coming out of Mexico. We can expect to transition in to California melons before May ends.

California blueberries got off to an early start and have been delicious. As production reaches it’s peak we will see full pints and better pricing. They will continue until they are affected by extreme heat sometime in July.

By mid-May we should also see California cherries, peaches, nectarines and hopefully some apricots! Grapes will be coming along right about then as well.

On the local front: our local farmers have been hard at work for months now. As with the rest of our state, cold rains during the early part of spring caused some delays but we should see some local produce rolling in by late May and definitely early June. The first local produce to become abundant will be, varietal lettuce, cucumbers and zucchini with broccoli and carrots to follow.

Until then we will be enjoying the wonderful bounties from the rest of our great state, California!

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