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Summer Begins in June

Summer is the most exciting time of year for Eureka Natural Foods’ Produce Departments

While many summer fruits do become available during the spring, summer is when quality and availability reach their peak.

Organically grown apricots, berries, grapes, peaches, nectarines and a variety of melons including watermelons are in season now!

We are very fortunate to live in The Great State of California! With 25.5 million acres of farmland, California produces over 75% of the fruits grown in the entire United States!

Over the past twenty years, organic production has increased dramatically as well. What was once considered a fringe market has now moved well in to the mainstream due to constant increasing demand.

Our Produce Managers, Heidi Boesch in McKinleyville and Juan Gagne in Eureka have decades of experience working with organically grown produce, including well over a decade working very closely together. Knowledge of seasons, farms and growing regions is crucial.

And let’s not forget our hard working local farmers. This time of year, local organic farms are harvesting and delivering to both of our stores several times a week. During the summer months when the rest of California overheats, this area can produce some of the best cool weather crops in the state!

So, for a full variety of the bountiful summer harvest, all organically grown including local as available, visit both of our stores!

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