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July Is Produce Prime Time

It is now summer and California produce is at peak season! Summer berries, assorted fruits, grapes and melons are all available now and the quality is excellent!

Here’s something to remember. Produce is one of the last unregulated commodities left in The United States. Prices are based purely upon supply and demand. Farmers can sell their produce for as much or as little as they like. Ultimately the consumer determines prices by willingness to pay. Another thing that makes produce unique is the fact that in general, when there is abundance, quality goes up as prices go down. A Produce Department displays perhaps the most perishable products in any grocery store. Produce must be harvested, packed, shipped and displayed in a very timely manner. In other words, it has to find it’s way to people’s mouths quickly!

Since our location here on The North Coast is so remote, freshness and rapid transport are crucial. At Eureka Natural Foods, we have decades long relationships with our major produce distributors. Our Produce Mangers are very familiar with most of the organic farms and orchards in California and work very closely together as we source our produce. Summer is also the beginning of our local harvest. We are very fortunate to live in this area where we are surrounded by natural beauty every day. We are also very fortunate to have so many local organic farms, many of which are well established. We have decades long relationships with many of our local farms. Look for more and more local produce in our stores as the weeks go by.

HUNTER ORCHARDS UPDATE: We also have a long standing relationship with Hunter Orchards located north of Mount Shasta, CA. They grow some of the best peaches we are able to offer every summer. As you may recall they were affected by a very late, very severe freeze last season that devastated their crop. We contacted them recently and this year they are expecting a substantially improved harvest. Look for Hunter Orchard peaches in both of our stores by mid to late July!

See our monthly flier for tips on grilling vegetables!

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