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The Freshest Produce Is Locally Grown!

Ranching and farming are very important parts of Humboldt County history that carry on today.

We are fortunate to live in this area surrounded by natural beauty and an abundance of open spaces and clean water.

While our local organic dairies are extremely important to our local economy, local produce production has increased exponentially during the past three decades.

As more people interested in an alternative lifestyle have settled here in Humboldt County, hard working farmers have seized the opportunity to provide us with an abundance of local, organically grown fresh produce.

Here at Eureka Natural Foods, we have long term relationships with many local farms that date back over decades.

Our Produce Managers, Juan Gagné from the Eureka store and Heidi Boesh from the McKinleyville, store coordinate closely every week on purchasing. Having worked together day in and day out for over twelve years at our Eureka locations, they are not only friends, they have a very strong professional relationship.

When we purchase directly from our local farms, the food you serve your family is not only fresher, you are helping keep your dollars here in Humboldt. Our local farms employ local labor and in general pay higher wages than the farms in the southern regions. When you purchase local, you are helping build our local economy and create good local jobs.

During the summer months, while most of California is experiencing extreme heat, we can grow some of the best crops in the state right here in Humboldt. Crops such as lettuce, broccoli cauliflower, cabbage and assorted greens that do well in our cool coastal climate. Just head a little ways inland and warm weather crops thrive as well. Tomatoes, melons and summer squash, just to name a few.

So when you seek the freshest, local, organically grown produce available in this area, stop in to one of our two stores today.

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