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Improvements Made To Our Eureka Store

Walk in to our Eureka store and you'll immediately see that there are some big changes.

First you may notice that it's warmer is the store. This is because our coolers are now outfitted with doors that will keep the cool air in and you comfortable. Beyond this, they'll also save energy! An estimated 20-25% energy savings to be specific.

Not only will these doors save energy and keep you warm, they'll help you find the products you want. With LED lighting, food is now more well lit with brighter, whiter, more energy efficient lighting.

Lastly we've got a new cooler by the front door! We have big plans for this cooler and if you're someone who likes to try and come in, grab food and get out as quickly as you can you'll want to keep your eye on this case as we plan to increase our fresh and ready offerings to get you fed and on your way as quickly as possible.

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