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Tis The Season

Tis The Season!

Here in Eureka Natural Foods’ Produce Departments, we’ve been getting asked the same question a lot lately. The question? “When are you going to be getting those bags of little tangerines that you have every year?”

The tangerines in question? Satsuma Mandarins from Johansen Ranch in Orland, California.

We have a long standing relationship with Johansen Ranch. At one time we ordered their products through a distributor, but when that distributor closed down, their manager gave our information to Rich Johansen and told him that we purchased and sold a lot of his fruit. Rich Johansen contacted us and we have been ordering direct from him ever since.

Rich’s great grandparents moved to Orland from the Dakotas in 1910. They were lured by the mild climate and an abundance of water. They began to create what is now Johansen ranch and started a time honored family tradition of being good stewards of the land. Rich’s grandparents, John and Martha, continued this tradition, while expanding the scope of the farming. Rich’s parents along with his aunt and uncle planted the first Satsuma Mandarin trees on their land in 1960. When the trees matured twelve years later and produced their first fruit, the family discovered that their area of Northern California is the finest mandarin growing region in the world.

In the 1970’s their family made the commitment to grow organically which they have done ever since. Their commitment, to all of us who enjoy their fruit, is to continue to produce the finest, healthiest organic mandarins in the world.

Here at Eureka Natural foods we are happy and proud to be able to offer this fruit to you direct from the grower. Just as local is very important, so are our farmer direct relationships.

UPDATE: We recently spoke with Rich Johansen. (Late November). His picking crews were beginning to arrive on that very day and as soon as the orchards were dry enough, the harvest would begin. We should begin seeing Johansen Ranch Satsuma Mandarins in both of our stores by early December! The long dry autumn has produced an excellent, delicious crop this year!

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