• Juan Gagne

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

The Patron Saint of Ireland!

Celebrated for over a thousand years in Ireland and for over two hundred years here in The United States, Saint Patrick’s Day is now celebrated all over the world by people of all backgrounds.

Like all holidays that involve food, fresh produce plays a big part in the Saint Patrick’s Day menu. Many people from Ireland migrated to America during the mid 1800s in order to escape starvation. Being mainly very poor upon arrival they carried on their traditional meal with a few changes. Corned beef was inexpensive at the time along with cabbage. This combination could feed a lot of people on a budget. Add in some onions, potatoes and carrots and you have a very hearty and colorful late winter meal.

This month, Eureka Natural Foods stores will feature some of the traditional St. Patrick’s veggies on sale all month, all organically grown, of course. Check our weekly produce ads for additional items on sale each week. So, join in and easily find the highest quality ingredients for you special celebration at both Eureka Natural Foods locations!

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