• Juan Gagne

It's Spring Time!

Springtime is the most exciting time of year for fresh produce!

This winter was exceptionally harsh with freezing rain extending throughout California with several hard frosts even in the desert regions. The Salinas area received 130% of normal rainfall during the month of February. This resulted in interruptions in planting schedules along with other problems such as getting equipment into the fields. Couple that with rising demand for organics and we see the inevitable shortages that are accompanied by price spikes.

There is a bright side to this however. Salinas California is one of the best areas in the world for growing fresh vegetables. Organic acreage, it’s value and the numbers of growers are increasing in Monterey County where Salinas is located. According to the county’s most recent crop report in 2017, organic production was 41,000 acres, up from 33,000 acres the previous year. Organic production is on the rise due to consumer demand and that’s a good thing! Every acre of land farmed organically is one less acre being sprayed and covered with the toxic poisons that are commonly used in conventional agriculture.

As the days get warmer and longer the organically grown produce you will find available at Eureka Natural Foods will begin arriving from closer and closer to home. The first real signs of spring in our Produce Departments are California Asparagus followed by California Strawberries. And as always in The World of Produce, as the quality increases, the price decreases!

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