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Power Outage: Update

Update 10/11/19: We're almost back to business as usual. We're still replacing product, but both stores should be more-or-less business as usual this weekend. Thank you for your patience through this trying time.

Update 10/10/19: What a wild ride the last 24 hours have been. Here's where we're at as of Thursday morning 10/10/19. Our Eureka store is open and operating as usual. Our product selection is diminished, especially in meat and perishables. The Eureka kitchen is also producing at half capacity as they recover from the power outage, but the salad bar is back open.

The McKinleyville location is open, but selling mostly dry goods. The kitchen will be closed.

We should be back to normal at both locations by Friday 10/11/19

We hope that everyone survived in good health and good spirits.

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