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Update on the Produce Department. We are stocked up!

What began as a normal rather slow Thursday in our Produce Departments at both ENF stores on March 12th 2020, changed abruptly by late afternoon when shoppers began to arrive in numbers we normally would only see during the holiday season. We were geared up and prepared for a small holiday, Saint Patrick's Day, but this rapidly became more intense than the usual St. Patty's Day shopping.

Orders we had placed that should have provided us with plenty of stock for the entire weekend were depleted by Friday. Before we knew it we were experiencing wave after wave of what can only be described as panic shopping.

What we didn't realize at the time was that this was happening not only here but throughout our state and indeed across the entire United States.

By Monday morning it became apparent that our suppliers had not anticipated this phenomenon either. As their warehouses became depleted they scrambled to get more trucks on the road and out to farms in order to replace their stock.

Just as things were beginning to slow down and a sense of normalcy was returning on the following Thursday, we got word of a statewide shelter in place order. BOOM! It started all over again!

The good news? Very few produce items are actually in short supply. Huge, rapid demand on all of our suppliers did cause some items to be temporarily out of stock. However our distributors have now recovered for the most part and things should get back to normal in the near future.

Remember: interruptions in the organic market are common this time of year due to changing weather conditions and the yearly transition of growing areas.

One item that may take a while to come back in to supply is fresh garlic. We have come up with some alternatives though. Minced garlic in jars is still available along with peeled garlic sold in our refrigerated section. California storage garlic seems to have run out for now but we should see some imported garlic from The Southern Hemisphere before long.

At both of our locations it continues to be our goal to offer you the freshest, highest quality organic produce at reasonable prices year round!

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