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Discount days

products you need are more affordable

than ever 

Inflation Buster! 


Exclusions include but are not limited to turkeys, dairy, gift cards, gallery art, CRV, and sales tax. 



are Senior 10% off your entire purchase day.  Please come on in and get our already low priced natural and organic inventory at a discounted price. 


are Public Safety 10%  off your entire purchase day. Please come in with a badge or in uniform. This offer is for First responders, Police Officers, EMT, Doctors, Nurses, Active and Reserve Military. 


are Student 10% off your entire purchase day.  Have your current student ID card with you and we will deduct your 10% discount.  Parent's we do acknowledge your children's school ID cards as well, your child must be present.

EBT cards are accepted here at

Eureka Natural Foods.