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​For most families the meat or seafood dish is the centerpiece of your meal. Whether you seek the highest quality fresh fish, beef, poultry or lamb, at Eureka Natural Foods we've got you covered. We have gone to great lengths to source humanely raised, natural and organic meats that have never been treated with growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics.

We feature Eel River Organic Beef.  This 100% grassfed beef is born and raised right here in Humboldt County.  From the ranch to our store is only ten miles, which insures a low carbon footprint and absolute freshness.  Did you know that over ninety percent of the beef raised in Humboldt County leaves this area never to return again?  Since the best beef in The United States is raised here we make it available to you!

For poultry we feature Mary's Free Range Non GMO and organic chicken.  Their chickens grow naturally with plenty of room to roam in a caring environment on ranches in California.  Mary's chickens are fed a high quality vegetable protein diet with no animal by products or additives.

Our pork products are from Beelers, all natural non-GMO.  Also  natural and humanely raised,  this vegetarian fed pork is tender juicy and delicious at a very reasonable price.

All of our lamb is locally raised.  When available we will purchase our lamb from a 4-H member which helps support this worthwhile youth activity in our community.

Our seafood is always top notch.  We carry only wild caught fish and season permitting, we will offer local line caught fish from our local coastal fishing fleet.

All of the seafoods and meats at Eureka Natural Foods must meet our stringent standards.  Never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones or artificial stimulants, insuring you the highest quality available on The North Coast.

Your happiness is how we measure our performance. 

Image by Kyle Mackie
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