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"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"


Our Story

Eureka Natural Foods is a family-run grocery store serving Northern California for over 35 years. We strive to offer natural and organic products free of GMO‘s, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and radiation. We believe that taking responsibility for your health through healthful eating and body care is a way of life.


Customer service and satisfaction are our main priority. We go to great lengths to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations. We also revel in the opportunity to be a valuable educational resource for our customers, educating them about natural and organic foods, general health care, nutrition, body care as well as environmental concerns. We think that it is important to note that we always buy with the customers well being in mind, never the manufacturers. 


We constantly strive to offer the competitive prices and widest variety of natural and organic foods.  We offer the highest quality produce at the most competitive prices possible while supporting local organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and the ever growing organic market.  If a produce item is not available organically grown, we will not have it. We support our community through donations of food and contributions to local conscientious organizations. 

Helping You To Live Well and Be Healthy...Naturally. 

Healthy Rewards Program

Come be a part of something great! 

- 1% points back on all purchases

-Exclusive discounts and offers 

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Green Juice Prep

Natural Foods

Honest products that you can rely on. We are a store that provides local, fresh, organic and sustainable products.

Fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy, to local beer and wine, wellness products and a bunch of things in-between. We are natural grocery store that is your one stop shopping place. 





Criteria that we hold for the items sold at Eureka Natural Foods:

*No Additives


*Free range meat & poultry only

* No nitrates, antibiotics or growth hormones in meat.

*Wild or line caught seafood only

*Non GMO and all organic  produce 

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