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Fresh, crisp, always organic


It has never been easier to experience what our County has to offer. Local produce of course! 

We feature many local farms that provide everything from delicious, juicy peaches, crispy apples and a wide variety of almost every vegetable imaginable. 

No matter the season, we will always have local options available for you and your family to enjoy.

Humboldt County presents our community a unique opportunity to be "localvore". What in the world is a localvore you may ask?

Well, a localvore is a term that has been coined to describe someone who only eats local food!

Weekly Flier


We proudly partner with the following local farms:

Rain Frog Farm

Green Spiral Farm

Little River Farm

Organic Matters

Willow Creek Farms

New Moon Organics

Eel River Farms

Earthly Edibles

Wild Rose Farm

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