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The Kitchen

The Kitchen

We take pride in using only the finest, cleanest, most sustainably sourced ingredients in our chef-inspired kitchen. We source everything possible from here in Humboldt County. You can count on 100% organic produce, pasta and condiments, while our dairy and cheese is always rBst free.

Our meats are always guaranteed hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Our beef is grass-fed, local, and organic whenever possible.   

Our pork is vegetarian-fed, uncured, and free-range.

Our chicken is Non-GMO certified and free-range.

Our seafood is always wild and line-caught, never farm-raised.

Our eggs are always cage-free, usually organic.

Our turkey is Diestel Free-Range, Vegetarian-Fed, 4th generation sustainably raised.

All of our tofu products are made by the Tofu Shop in Arcata, guaranteed local and organic.

Our products are always preservative free, with no artificial flavors or colors. We focus on quality, made-from-scratch foods crafted with whole ingredients.

Sandwich Bar

We build sandwiches to your order, please refer to the order form below when making phone orders. Please note that we do not accept fax or email orders at this time. Thank you.

Hot Food Bar Menu

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Biweekly Flier

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Hot Food Bar Menu

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This menu is subject to availability 

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